Welcome to MJEAL’s Online Content!

I am happy to announce the launch of the Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law’s blog, which will complement our published journal content.

At a time when social networking and online media is the norm for information dissemination, the founders of MJEAL recognized that having an online presence is important to facilitate dialogue about important developments in environmental and administrative law scholarship.  We plan for this space to serve as a forum for our editors, faculty, and other contributors to explore a variety of timely topics in environmental and administrative law.  Their entries are intended to provide a brief primer on or thoughtful analysis of issues that may be of interest to students, academics, practitioners, and observers of environmental and administrative law.  Many of these entries grew out of topics explored for possible student notes.  Others represent subject areas about which the authors are passionate.

As a blog, the goal is to publish relatively informal writing that can also be posted in a timely manner.  We invite readers to submit comments or to contact authors to expand the dialogue on the issues written about.  We also envision this space as a place where we will post responses to articles and notes published in MJEAL.  Our hope is for this blog to develop into a forum where readers and authors may further explore and develop novel ideas and themes in environmental and administrative law.

On behalf of the entire editorial board and the contributing editors of MJEAL, I welcome you all to our new blog and look forward to your contributions and feedback.

— Chris Eaton – Managing Notes Editor

Chris can be contacted at cdeaton@umich.edu.

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MJEAL Volume 1, Issue 1 Party!

It’s been a long year, but we’re finally there.  The issue is with the
printer and should be going out to the world shortly.  To celebrate, we’re going to have a little shindig.

More formally, we’d like to invite you to our Volume 1, Issue 1 Launch Party!

The event will be held Wednesday April 4 at 7pm at the Arbor Brewing Company (click here for a printable invitation).

It should be a great time to play a little shuffleboard and indulge in self-congratulation over what we’ve accomplished together.



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The Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law is proud to announce the contents of its first Volume, to be released in April, 2012.

All MJEAL articles will be available online, and archived by volume.

“The Quest for a Sustainable Future and the
Dawn of a New Journal at Michigan Law”
By David M. Uhlmann

“Deregulatory Riders Redux”
By Thomas O. McGarity

“Is a Substantive, Non-Positivist United
States Environmental Law Possible?”
By Dan Tarlock

“A Functional Approach to Risks
and Uncertainties Under NEPA”
By Todd S. Aagaard

“The $1.75 Trillion Lie”
By Lisa Heinzerling & Frank Ackerman

“The Case for Abolishing Centralized
White House Regulatory Review”
By Rena Steinzor

“What the Return of ACUS
Means for Administrative Law”
By Paul R. Verkuil

“Text(plusotherstuff)ualism: Textualists’ Perplexing Use of the
Attorney General’s Manual on the Administrative Procedure Act”
By Kevin Michael Lewis

Click to purchase a copy of Volume 1

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