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The University of Michigan Environmental Law Society (ELS) serves foremost as a forum for students energized by environmental issues and concerned with how the law may or may not adequately address those issues. We strongly encourage prospective students in the class of 2017 to reach out to us! ELS also strives to provide first hand opportunities for those students who see environmental law in their professional future. We encourage students from all backgrounds to become involved; we currently have members from the Schools of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE), Business, Public Policy, and Public Health, as well as the Law School.

Events of the past years testify to the strength of ELS' commitment to its mission: former Professor at Michigan Law and current General Counsel for the Department of the Interior, Joseph Sax, spoke to ELS about the hot topic of 'takings;' ELS purchased and retired 5 tons of sulfur dioxide in the EPA's annual sulfur dioxide auction by raising money through student and faculty donations at the Law, Business and Natural Resource Schools; and ELS connected interested students with volunteer work on an environmental justice lawsuit attempting to stop construction of a waste incinerator in the center of an impoverished Flint, Michigan neighborhood.

The current members of ELS want to welcome first year students to the University of Michigan Law School. We hope that you will make ELS a part of your Michigan Law experience. Through ELS, you can:

  • volunteer on environmental projects in the surrounding community,
  • meet speakers active in various areas of environmental law,
  • compete in a national environmental law moot court competition,
  • gain experience in environmental litigation at the state and federal level, and
  • meet other students interested in environmental law at the University of Michigan, as well as around the nation at the annual NAELS conference.



As active members of the University of Michigan Law School, we believe in the value of our uniquely collegial and diverse atmosphere which promotes vigorous intellectual exchange, cross-cultural understanding, distinguished leadership, and active citizenship—enriching both our professional and personal development during our time here.

For this reason, the members of ELS, along with other student organizations at Michigan Law, are reaffirming our commitment to maintaining a welcoming environment that embraces individuals from all backgrounds.

We will reach out to prospective students to make sure they know that Michigan Law School is a community where students will continue to find helpful resources, form meaningful friendships, and feel welcome regardless of race, gender, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability.

We will continue to work with other student groups to coordinate student group-wide social events, maintain a strong outreach program for first-year law students, and collaborate with the Admissions Office in bringing the best possible group of students to Michigan each year. We pledge to maintain the mutual respect and collegial atmosphere that brought us to Michigan Law and are happy to answer any questions you may have about our community.

Our office is 114 Legal Research, next to LSSS.

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