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About BLA

The University of Michigan Business Law Association (BLA) aims to foster the business interests of Michigan Law students. We help our members to pursue academic, professional and social opportunities arising from the nexus of law and business. BLA exposes its members to interdisciplinary issues and fosters interactions between the Law School and Ross School of Business, as well as between students, faculty and professionals within the fields.

It has been said that the best lawyers are those who truly understand their client's business. Similary, legally-trained leaders in business are able to craft creative business strategies while anticipating legal risks. BLA supports its members' amibitions in business law and non-legal business careers.

Some of the ways in which BLA accomplishes its goals include networking events for students and alumni, members-only career panels and opportunities, a speaker series on topics in business and law and social opportunities that bring together law and business students. 

News & Events

Preview Weekend Bar Night

Ann Arbor Brewing Company

March 21, 2014

7:30pm - 9:00pm

How to Invest in Real Estate Out of Law School

Hutchins Hall 132

March 18, 2014

11:50 am

Kirkland & Ellis Panel on Private Equity and M&A Practice

Hutchins Hall 138

February 24, 2014

11:45 am

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