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ARTICLE I: Mission Statement

The Asia Law Society (ALS) at the University of Michigan serves as a forum for students and faculty that have lived, worked or display an interest in Asia to share perspectives and forge lasting bonds. 

We seek to enrich the academic dialogue at Michigan Law School and throughout the university community by creating a neutral platform for the interplay of ideas as they relate to political, socio-economic and legal development in Asia.

ARTICLE II: Membership

ALS membership is open to all current law students at the University of Michigan. ALS is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all persons and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status in employment, educational programs and activities, and admissions. ALS members have the right to vote for Executive Board members. Generally, ALS events are open to everyone. However, certain events will be limited to special invitation due to limited capacity or for other reasons, which include among others, the specific request of the guest speaker. However, attendance for special events will be granted to those who respond to ALS invitations on a first-come-first-serve basis.

ARTICLE III: Executive Board Membership

[1] The Executive Board will consist of the following members: Co-presidents (two), Treasurer, Secretary, Lecture Chair, Activities Chair, Publicity Chair, 3L Representatives (two), 1L Representatives (two), and an LLM Representative. If ALS is hosting a Symposium, the Executive Board will also include a Symposium Committee Chair.

[2] Elections: All members of the Executive Board will be elected by the majority of ALS members in attendance at either the Fall or Spring elections. For the fall election, one Co-president, the Activities Chair, the Publicity Chair, both 1L Representatives, and the LLM Representative will be elected. For the spring election, one Co-president, the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Lectures Chair and the Symposium Committee Chair will be elected. In the event of the resignation of any officer, the ALS Executive Board will seek a temporary replacement for the vacant position, if possible, until said position can be filled in the next immediate election. In the transition from the old leadership structure, which included a President and a Vice President, the Vice President will assume the role of one of the Co-presidents until the next immediate election.

[3] Responsibilities: The Co-presidents will have overall responsibilities for ALS. The Chairs will be in charge of their respective Committees and all other officers will execute their responsibilities as stated in the ALS Bylaws.

[4] Removal of Officers: ALS officers are representatives of both ALS and the University of Michigan Law School. Therefore, ALS officers are expected to uphold the highest ideals of ethics and professionalism of Michigan law students. If any officer is held to be in violation of any of the administrative rules of Michigan Law School or the University of Michigan, or is held to be in violation of the law, said officer is subject to removal by a majority vote of the ALS Executive Board.

ARTICLE IV: Committees

Section 1: Lecture Committee

[1] The purpose of the Lecture Committee is to develop lecture programs designed to enhance our members’ exposure to issues related to Asia and law. We also aim at creating a forum for our members to share their knowledge and experience in Asia-related legal issues and legal practice.

[2] The Lecture Committee is responsible for inviting speakers, coordinating lecture programs or panels, and collecting information for the Publicity Committee to publicize the events.

[3] Membership of the Committee will be at the discretion of the Lecture Committee co-Chairs and may fluctuate throughout the year. Members will meet as needed to discuss strategies and allocate projects.

Section 2: Publicity Committee

[1] The purpose of the Publicity Committee is to promote awareness of ALS through printed materials and on-line media. Membership of the committee will be at the discretion of the Publicity Committee Chair and may fluctuate throughout the year. Members will meet as needed to discuss strategies and allocate projects.

[2] The Committee will be solely responsible for the publication and posting of event flyers. A flyer, containing relevant information such as time, date, and location, will be created for each event during the school year and posted on all law school bulletin boards marked “Student Organizations” and “Events.” The format for the flyers is flexible – however, contact information (preferably e-mail address and telephone number) must be included on the page.

[3] The Publicity Committee will coordinate with the Lecture Committee to discuss details and ensure timely posting of the flyers.

[4] The Committee, in consultation with the Secretary, is also responsible for maintaining the ALS bulletin board in the Hutchins Hall basement hallway. The board should contain brief information about the organization, a list of officers, a calendar of events, and other visual media (such as photographs of past events) to attract student interest. The format is flexible and will be determined by the Committee Chair and the Secretary, together with inputs and suggestions from other ALS members.

Section 3: Fund-raising Committee

[1] The Fund-Raising Committee aims to provide the financial needs of the society through various law school and outside sources. The primary law school resources to be considered are the Law School Student Senate (LSSS) and Law School Student Activities Office.

[2] Members of the fund raising committee may also seek to establish connections with outside establishments, include law firms, for sponsorship of events of the Society subject to applicable rules and regulations of the law school.

[3] Membership of the Committee will be at the discretion of the Fund-Raising Committee Chair and may fluctuate throughout the year. Members will meet as needed to discuss strategies and allocate tasks.

Section 4: Symposium Committee

[1] The ALS Executive Board will create a Symposium Committee on the occasion that the Society decides to organize a symposium. The purpose of the Symposium Committee will be comprehensive planning and execution of a symposium. Responsibilities include but are not limited to determination of symposium content, liaising with faculty and administrative personnel, fundraising and soliciting sponsorship, invitation of guest speakers, logistics, and publicity.

[2] Since the organization and carrying out of a symposium may necessitate maximum use of the Society’s human and financial resources, the Symposium Committee may continually integrate additional persons formerly not involved in the initial planning phase or may enlist all members of the Executive Board and relevant ALS committees upon recommendation of the Symposium Committee Chair and approval of the ALS President.

ARTICLE V: Class Representatives

[1] Class representatives will be elected from the General Membership for 1Ls, LLMs and 3Ls respectively. These representatives shall facilitate communications between ALS and the respective classes they are selected to oversee.

[2] The representatives shall act to promote the visibility of ALS among their respective classes, including but not limiting to, promoting ALS activities to their classes, answering personal queries from students directly and encouraging students and scholars to join as new members of ALS throughout the academic year.


[1] An annual symposium will be organized by the ALS during either the fall or winter semester. The Executive Board, directed by the President, shall be responsible for accessing the feasibility of such a symposium for the year and organizing the event. The organization of the symposium shall only be undertaken by the unanimous vote of all the officers of the Executive Board.

[2] The Executive Board shall take action to ensure the success for such a symposium, including but not limiting to, fund-raising, inviting speakers, arranging for logistical requirements, publicizing the events to the law school and university communities and executing the symposium professionally.

ARTICLE VII: Event Organization and Promotion 

Section 1: General Logistics

[1] The Secretary shall make reservation for all rooms, lecture hall or other necessary venues in advance. The secretary shall make reservations on a month-by-month basis. In doing so, he or she shall have a forecast of events to be held for the next month from all the relevant committees.

[2] If advance reservation of venues a month ahead is not possible, the Secretary shall ensure that the venue is confirmed at least a week ahead of the scheduled event.

[3] In the event that the reservation of venue(s) requires a fee, the Secretary shall get the approval from the Treasurer before committing to such a reservation.

[4] The committee charged with organizing an event shall be overall in charge of all other logistical requirements for that. The chair of that committee shall be the point person to direct and ensure the successful organizing of the event, and shall work closely with the relevant officers of the Executive Board in this respect.

Section 2: Promotion of Events

[1] Initial public announcement for an official ALS event should be emailed to the law school by a Co-president or the Publicity Committee at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date of that event.

[2] An email to remind the law school and university communities about an event shall be sent out one week from the scheduled date of that event. In this respect, if the event is to be held on a Wednesday or later, posters promoting the event shall be put up by either a Co-president or the Publicity Committee on the Monday of the week of the event. However, if the event is to be held on a Monday or Tuesday, posters shall be put up by Wednesday of the preceding week.

[3] Promotion posters shall be put up on the ALS bulletin board and the general bulletin boards across the law school compound that are open to student organizations. The committee chair organizing the event shall work closely with the Publicity Committee with respect to designing and putting up such posters in a timing manner.

Section 3: Calendar of ALS Events

[1] A monthly calendar providing information of events of ALS shall be put up on the organization’s bulletin board. This calendar will communicate information about the upcoming events for the next month, including the event date, title, speaker(s) if any, and the venue if it can be finalized.

[2] The Secretary shall oversee the timeliness and accuracy of the monthly calendar of events on the bulletin board. The Secretary should obtain a basis plan of the events to be held in the semester from the various committees organizing the events.

[3] The Secretary shall, at the end of each month, confirm details about events to be held in the next month to the extend possible, and insert or update the monthly calendar on the ALS bulletin board.

ARTICLE VIII: Financial Matters

Section 1: Budgeting

[1] A Budget Proposal for the next academic semester shall be submitted to the Executive Board for approval in the current semester. The Treasurer shall have responsibility to collate revenue and expenditure estimates from the officers and various committee chairs to prepare the Budget Proposal.

[2] In the last Executive Board meeting for the semester, the Treasurer shall present the Budget Proposal for a vote and approval. The Budget Proposal for the next academic semester shall be approved upon the unanimous vote of the currently sitting Executive Board.

[3] Each board officer and committee chair shall render full assistance to the Treasurer in his or her preparation of the Budget Proposal.

[4] A budget statement for the month shall also be prepared by the Treasurer in the preceding month. Inputs from committee chairs with regards to the financial aspects of the respective events they are organizing shall be communicated to the Treasurer in a timely fashion in order to compile such monthly budget statements.

[5] In the last Executive Board meeting for the month, the Treasurer shall present the forecasted budget statement for the next month to the board. No vote is required for such monthly budget statements, but committee chairs may be called upon to explain their budget requests. The Treasurer shall keep such monthly budget statements on file for reporting purposes.

Section 2: Fund-raising

[1] The Treasurer shall set up a timeline and target amount for ALS fund-raising for the next academic year by the end of the winter semester.

[2] The Treasurer shall present to the Executive Board a monthly progress report with respect to fund-raising. Such a report can be integrated with the monthly budget statements to be prepared. The fund-raising progress report shall include but not limiting to information regarding fund-raising expenses, tentative and confirmed commitments from donors and future fund-raising projections. 
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