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March 15th, 2008
Hutchins Hall Room 150
University of Michigan Law School


On Saturday, March 15th, 2008, Asia Law Society hosted its first student-run symposium, bringing together an incredible cross section of scholars and practitioners to address topics related to the rule of law in China. This symposium sought to explore the interconnected phenomena of the establishment of the legal profession (including lawyers, judges and regulators in the bureaucracy), an increasingly assertive media, and legal reform in China. There were three panel discussions.

The first panel discussed the role of the media and certain cases where media coverage has helped to facilitate law enforcement. The second panel analyzed the impact of growing and at times entrepreneurial bar. Lastly, the third panel addressed the unique “outside in” dynamic that appears as an element of China’s evolving legal system, and looked at the ways in which China’s engagement with the world has affected its legal reform. A keynote address was delivered by Joseph Kahn, Deputy Foreign Editor for the New York Times, and panelists included luminous legal scholars and practitioners from the U.S. and China.

ALS will be producing a full report of each panel of the symposium, and will also make available any supporting files used by the panelists (e.g., powerpoint presentations). If you would like to be notified when the symposium materials will be available for download on this site, please fill out this form.

The symposium statement goes into greater detail about the focus of the panels and what we hope to achieve by holding this event.

The schedule of events breaks down the order of panels and timing for the symposium.

A rappoteur's report of the panels is being compile, and will be made available here, along with presentations, photos, and other materials from the symposium. Be sure to check back soon.

This event was generously supported by the University of Michigan Law School, the U of M Center for Chinese Studies, UM Department of Political Science and Linklaters, LLP.

Thank you to all of our volunteers, without whom the event could not have taken place!

Boyang Chai
Emily Chu
(Michigan Graduate, Class of 2007)
Katie Conlin
Alex Edelson
Laura Ferrell
Jie Gao
James Kokalj
Runzhi Lai
Xuezhao Lan
Rachel Lu
Charlie Maule
Sandeep Navalgund
Kela Shang
Ji-Yeon Suh
Jason Tower
Seth Yu
Yuhua Wang
Xinghua Wang
Yang Wang
Lin Xiao
Yao Xu
Oliver Zhong


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